Company AKM GROUP – CZ was subjected to an information attack

AKM GROUP – CZ, a.s. has been subjected to an information attack by unscrupulous competitors and possibly opponents of military aid to Ukraine.

During February-March 2024 Ukrainian media actively spread the information regarding our company, which is completely untrue.

We assume that the appearance of a series of articles defaming the reputation of AKM GROUP – CZ represents manifestation of the hybrid war of the Russian Federation against Ukraine, namely a special information operation aimed at discrediting companies which systematically supply weapons and ammunition for Defense Forces of Ukraine.

Our company has already felt the negative consequences caused by the release of these publications. In particular, several contractors of AKM GROUP – CZ terminated the contracting process with our company, although the negotiation procedure was already at the final stage. In addition, supply dynamics of scarce weapons for Defense Forces of Ukraine have also decreased, although large volumes of these weapons have already been prepared for dispatch and they are stocked now at the company warehouses.

In order to protect its business reputation, AKM GROUP – CZ has prepared and sent to the media Statements to refute false information in accordance with current Ukrainian legislation.

As a result, some media outlets deleted previously published publications and some of them published a refutation of previously posted information.

For those media outlets that have not responded properly to our company’s statements of refutation, lawyers of AKM GROUP – CZ are working to file lawsuits to protect the company’s honor, dignity and business reputation.

AKM GROUP – CZ is absolutely confident that the court judgment will be inevitably made in favor of our company and allow us to enforce all media to publish a refutation of the above-mentioned false information.