Our team

AKM GROUP – CZ is a team of professionals in different fields and each specialist accompanies business processes and contributes own experience to the overall result. Our team includes veteran officers with combat experience, sniper specialists, professional certified gunsmiths, specialists in unmanned aerial vehicle systems (UAV), specialists in anti-drone systems, specialists in logistics, procurement and sales, experienced financiers and international lawyers. 

Choosing AKM GROUP – CZ, you get more than just a supplier of armaments. We offer a comprehensive approach to solving our customers’ needs.

About the company

AKM GROUP – CZ was established in Prague in 2001 by Czech Republic citizens who are former military officers. At the initial stage of its activity, the company specialized in the trade of dual-purpose goods and aircraft spare parts.


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Operating countries

Subsequently, AKM GROUP - CZ obtained all the necessary licenses and re-profiled its product range to include the following types of products: small arms and small arms ammunition, artillery ammunition, mortar rounds, grenades, grenade launchers, mortars, missiles of various classes, anti-tank weapons, armored vehicles, air defense systems, drones and anti-drone weapons.

AKM Group-CZ was established in Prague in 2001 by Czech citizens who are former military officers. The company has exclusive contracts for the purchase and sale of military and dual-use goods as a European dealer of renowned world producers.

The company has its own regional offices in all countries where it operates, which are usually managed by local citizens.

At this stage of the company’s development, the priority for AKM GROUP – CZ is the development of its own logistics infrastructure and the start of joint production of dual-purpose goods, weapons and ammunition in different countries.


As confirmation of the high quality of our management system, AKM GROUP – CZ received ISO certification in 2008. Since then, the company has successfully passed several control audits and successfully proved an ability to keep the quality of its management at a high level year to year.

Your weapon is our experience.

AKM GROUP – CZ is, first and foremost, a company with 23 years of experience and proven record of reliability as a business partner. The company has signed dozens of annual contracts, the conscientious fulfillment these is the company`s main philosophy and ideology. AKM GROUP – CZ has a financial safety margin to meet its contractual obligations due to its stable financial performance. 

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Our Licenses

AKM GROUP – CZ has all the necessary licenses for the trade in weapons and ammunition, including:

Resolution on issuance of permit to perform foreign trade with military material (Original | EN)
Confirmation of registration according to the law on the handling of safety material (Original | EN)
Ammunition License (Original | EN)
Fireamrs License (Original | EN)
Why Finflow?

AKM GROUP – CZ strictly complies with all international rules and regulations governing the circulation of military and dual-use products. We work only with customers who have the appropriate permits and licences.

AKM GROUP – CZ is your reliable partner in the security sector

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