AKM GROUP – CZ Specialists Inspect and Test Sniper System

Specialists from AKM GROUP – CZ, together with specialists from the End User, conducted an inspection and shooting of a sniper system. The sniper system was developed by AKM GROUP – CZ specialists based on a sniper rifle manufactured by the Ceska Zbrojovka plant.

The purpose of the inspection was to conduct comprehensive tests of the sniper system, its complete disassembly and assembly. During the inspection, the simplicity and reliability of the design were confirmed.

The subsequent shooting of the sniper system in field conditions made it possible to check the system for compliance with the declared tactical and technical characteristics, as well as accuracy at different distances, which amounted to 0.3-0.6 MOA.

Experienced shooters of the End User, as well as representatives of AKM GROUP – CZ, including a high-level sniper, took part in the shooting of the sniper system.

All participants of the inspection highly appreciated the characteristics of the new sniper system, noting its high accuracy, reliability, fault tolerance, simplicity and accuracy of fire.

“This complex is an excellent example of combining advanced technologies and engineering solutions made by designers of sniper rifles of the Ceska Zbrojovka plant and the combat experience of snipers AKM GROUP – CZ. We are confident that future users of the sniper system will appreciate the efforts of the AKM GROUP – CZ team.”