Irpin Hub: First Stage of Construction Completed

In cooperation with the Irpin City Council and the “Veteran Family” NGO, AKM GROUP – CZ has successfully completed the first stage of work on the creation of the “Veteran Hub Irpin” veterans support center.

The joint efforts involved dismantling old structures at the site where the center will be located. Currently, the development of a reconstruction project for the office is in full swing, meeting all modern requirements and the needs of future visitors.

The next stage is the reconstruction of the building, after which the “Veteran Hub Irpin” will open its doors to veterans of the combat who repel the Russian military aggression against Ukraine, as well as to their families.

The center will become a place where veterans will be provided with a full range of administrative services, qualified legal assistance, psychological assistance, veterans` informal communication and meetings, and much more.

The cooperation of AKM GROUP – CZ, the Irpin City Council and the “Veteran Family” NGO is a vivid example of how joint efforts of business, government and public organizations can create projects that are significant for society.