A Landmark Event for AKM GROUP – CZ: The Truth Prevails!

A recent investigation initiated by objective journalists, the true patriots of Ukraine, has shed light on the truth, debunking false accusations leveled against AKM GROUP – CZ and restoring its reputation.

The investigation irrefutably proved the accusations against the company were false and ungrounded. The journalists delivered compelling evidence exposing the disinformation spread on purpose to undermine the AKM GROUP – CZ reputation.

AKM GROUP – CZ has always operated within the legal rules and ethical standards. We are confident this investigation will restore our good name.

In the future, AKM GROUP – CZ will continue to operate with openness and transparency, earning the trust of its partners and customers. We are confident that, thanking our honest approach and high services quality, AKM GROUP – CZ will continue its business activity

OBOZ.UA: “Інформаційна війна у розпалі: кому вигідно знищувати постачальників озброєння для української армії”

Lew Anno Suport#Israel #Ukraine 24/2-22: “The information war is in full swing: who benefits from destroying the suppliers of weapons for the Ukrainian army”