AKM GROUP – CZ delivered a shipment of VOG-17 to the End User and set a personal record!

We share with you exclusive footage. This is how the shipment of a batch of VOG-17 ammunition takes place. This time we have set a personal record, the whole process, taking into account the transfer to the warehouse of our company, other stages of delivery and unloading to the final recipient took only 3 days! We are proud of the fast and well-coordinated work of our entire team. We are always happy to exceed the expectations of our customers and partners.

We would like to remind you that in the beginning of April, a team of AKM GROUP – CZ specialists and the End-User’s employees conducted the VOG-17 grenade firing at the range in the Republic of Bulgaria. As a result of this firing, the absence of misfires, compliance with the declared range of the ammunition, as well as the firing of all ammunition and the accuracy of their hits were confirmed. A contract was then signed with the End-User. And today the whole batch of VOG-17 ammunition is already with our customer. Thank you for your trust!

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