What you should know about Eurosatory 2024? AKM Group-Cz,a.s. analyzed the main trends of the main defense exhibition in Europe.

“Protect your future” – this is the slogan chosen this year by the organizers of the largest international event in the field of protection and defense Eurosatory 2024. From June 17 to 21 in Paris, more than 1700 participants from 62 countries demonstrated the latest developments in defense technologies. What do the main market players and promising startups offer in the context of growing global geopolitical tension, existing wars in active phase and risks of starting new ones?

Charles Beaudouin, exhibition director, noted that this year’s Eurosatory 2024 is first of all a kind of reflection of the two years of war that is taking place in Ukraine.

To confirm what he said, unmanned aerial systems took center stage at this year’s Paris show as a response to the experience in Ukraine. Their diversity is really striking. If earlier drones were offered that were rather slow, easy to detect and very expensive, now developers are finding a solution to make them less vulnerable, “invisible”, able to function under the influence of anti-aircraft systems. New companies from Turkey and South Korea have introduced innovative and multifunctional UAVs. Most of the new drone models have become much more affordable and almost all of them are also adapted to ammunition attachment. It is safe to say that UAVs continue to play one of the most important roles in modern military conflicts.

Naturally, defense systems against drones are evolving hand in hand with them. Many developers have been looking for ways to avoid the vulnerability of infantry to threats from the sky. Various anti-aircraft systems equipped with radars and universal control systems have been proposed. Also, developers offered a variety of solutions to reduce the vulnerability of armored vehicles and ensure their low visibility on the battlefield. Special attention should be paid to innovations in demining technologies, which is obviously also dictated by the experience of Ukraine and the intensification of mine warfare. This is certainly not a complete list of interesting innovations at Eurosatory 2024.

“We see that countries’ budgets for protection and defense are increasing, the search for new security solutions is even more relevant than it was 2-3 years ago, in addition to the widely discussed situation in Ukraine at the exhibition, we would like to mention the influence of China in Asia, all this shows that, indeed, as the organizers stressed, it is important to protect your future today” – AKM Group-Cz, a.s..

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