AKM GROUP – CZ: Summary of 2023 Results

2023 was a year of fruitful work and significant achievements for AKM GROUP – CZ. The company not only fulfilled all its plans for the year but also significantly expanded its international network of partners.

The company’s specialists actively participated in world`s leading Defence exhibitions, such as PARTNER 2023 (Serbia), MSPO 2023 (Poland), DSEI 2023 (England) et al. This allowed the company to get acquainted with the latest achievements in the field of military technologies.

Thanks to the professionalism of the company’s specialists, AKM GROUP – CZ has concluded a number of profitable contracts with leading manufacturers of military and dual-use goods.

The results of 2023 exceeded the company’s expectations,the company fulfilled all set tasks and even more. This was made possible by the coordinated work of the team, high professionalism and commitment to the chosen development strategy.

The achievements of 2023 lay a solid foundation for the further growth of AKM GROUP – CZ. The company intends to continue actively develop in the international market, expand the range of products and services offered, and strengthen partnerships with leading world manufacturers.

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