Folding assault rifle Undergoes Testing at End User`s military firing range

11 units of the new folding assault rifle have been handed over for testing at the End User’s military firing range. These tests will be an important milestone in assessing the capabilities of the weapon in real conditions as close as possible to combat.

The folding assault rifle was developed taking into account the requirements of modern warfare, where compactness and mobility of weapons are crucial. Thanks to its innovative design, the assault rifle can be easily folded and transported, making it ideal for paratroopers, special forces, tankmen and pilots, anyone who needs a small-sized weapon.

During testing at the End User’s ranges, the assault rifle will be subjected to various loads and impacts to assess its reliability, accuracy and effectiveness in various conditions. The weapon will be fired with various types of ammunition, it will be exposed to extreme temperatures, humidity and dirt.

“We are very pleased to hand over these assault rifles for testing to our partners. We are confident that this product will prove its high reliability, fault tolerance and effectiveness in these tests. We look forward to receiving feedback from End User specialists.”