AKM GROUP – CZ Team Works in All Conditions: Cargo Handling in the Field

Despite the bad weather and complex logistics, the AKM GROUP – CZ team successfully handled cargo in the field.

For two days, under the rain, the company’s employees reloaded cartridge-boxes delivered from the USA. The cartridges had gone a long way from continent to continent, by sea, and also by land through three European Union countries. This required careful planning and coordination from our team.

It was a real challenge, but our team, as always, demonstrated its professionalism and coped with the task at hand.

The successful cargo handling in the field is another example of the fact that there are no insurmountable obstacles on the way to the result for the AKM GROUP – CZ team, and that our company is a reliable partner for its customers.

“The company is always ready to take on the most challenging tasks, even in the most adverse conditions.” – AKM GROUP – CZ.