Testing of a Folding assault rifle

In the fall of 2023, AKM GROUP – CZ received samples of a small-sized folding assault rifle from the USA. The weapon, which folds into three parts, underwent multi-level testing at a shooting range in the Czech Republic.

The tests were attended by both company specialists and specialists of the future End User. Initially, the assault rifle was intended for use by law enforcement and security agencies, but its potential for military use did not go unnoticed.

The field tests were aimed at assessing the compliance of the assault rifle with the tactical and technical characteristics, as well as its reliability in conditions of military use.

The weapon can be equipped with barrels of two calibers: 5.56×45 mm and .300 AAC Blackout. The latter option allows the use of both conventional and subsonic cartridges, which, in combination with a sound suppressor, makes the assault rifle practically noiseless.

A unique feature of the assault rifle is the ability to use interchangeable barrels without the need to change the magazine or bolt head. Another feature is the ability to bring the weapon into combat readiness in a few seconds.

The commission that conducted the tests highly appreciated the assault rifle. In the near future, it is planned to conduct additional tests on the territory of the End User.

If these tests are successful, the assault rifle could become a weapon for pilots.