Inspection and Firing of 12.7x108mm Ammunition at the US Plant: Mandatory Procedure Before Contract Signing and Before Each Batch Shipment

To ensure safety and reliability, all ammunition must undergo thorough inspection and shooting before it becomes available for sale and begins its journey to the End User. This process is typically performed at the manufacturing plant and includes the following steps:

Visual inspection: Marking, packaging quality, compliance of batch numbers with certificate, and selection of samples from each batch for shooting.

Measurement and weighing: Individual samples are measured and weighed using tools and special equipment in the presence of an AKM GROUP – CZ representative, and are also inspected for defects.

Firing: All selected samples are loaded into a mashine-gun belt and fired from a DShK machine gun using special measuring instruments. This allows to determine the average speed of a bullet leaving the barrel, the presence or absence of misfires, and also to check the cartridge cases` deformation.

After these procedures, the batch is considered ready for shipment and begins its journey either to AKM GROUP – CZ warehouses or to the End User.

AKM GROUP – CZ has defined a set of procedures to ensure the highest quality of services provided. Firing of ammunition samples is one of such procedures, strict adherence to which guarantees that the End User will receive ammunition that meets quality and reliability standards.